Helping clients make data-driven decisions

Better Data

More data is available than ever before, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all data has value for transportation planning purposes.  In fact, much of it does not, and some can even be counter-productive to sound decision-making.  Our clients benefit from the vast knowledge we have gained in ensuring that the data being used is accurate and appropriate for the intended use.

Better Metrics

Key legislation such as MAP 21 and Senate Bill 743 in California are re-shaping policy and catalyzing change in the way we measure travel behavior.  Our clients benefit from our extensive experience in developing quick-response tools that enable us to accurately compute and apply these metrics in their communities.

Better Decisions

Amid scarce resources and rapid technological and demographic change, decision-making about transportation investment has never been more challenging.  Our clients benefit from our track record of leveraging better data and better metrics to support thoughtful and informed investment decisions.

Our Philosophy

The transportation landscape is evolving rapidly.  New data sources are emerging, but which ones are truly accurate and useful for planning our transportation systems?  New metrics are being used to measure travel behavior and its associated impacts, but how do we compute them using the latest data and analytical techniques?  New policy paradigms are developing around transportation and land use, but how do we make the decisions that best achieve the desired change? We launched our ASAP Initiative a few years ago to help our clients answer these kinds of questions.  Since that time, we have conducted a great deal of our own research and helped many of our clients navigate this period of evolutionary change.  Perhaps the most important conclusion of our efforts thus far can best be summed up by the phrase Better Data, Better Metrics, Better Decisions.