CrowdSource+ is our custom tool for empowering citizens to contribute their feedback for the improvement of their community, with commonly available technology.

We employ CrowdSource+ to host custom web-based mapping platforms and online surveying strategies that gather public comments, and can clearly communicate the analysis of that data. It also enables comment collection over a longer period of time than traditional in-person public meetings, and allows for sustained engagement from a wider sample of stakeholders.

 Project applications of CrowdSource+

  • Pedestrian or Bicycle Safety Assessments

  • Safe Routes to School

  • Safe Routes for Seniors

  • Safe Routes to Transit

  • Health Impact Assessment

  • Bicycle/Bikeway Master Plans

  • Bicycle Share Maintenance and Planning

  • Pedestrian Master Plans

  • General Plan/Mobility Element Performance Measures

  • Non-motorized Access Improvements

  • Gap Closures

  • Campus Plans

  • Intersection or Corridor Safety Studies

  • Climate Change Studies

  • Bicycle Storage

  • Program/Project Evaluation: Before and After Studies

  • Transportation/New Development Impact Assessments

  • Striping

  • Wayfinding & Signage

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