Sacramento Kings Entertainment & Sports Complex

kings plan coverFehr & Peers was tasked with preparing both the transportation section of the EIR and a Transportation Management Plan (TMP) for the new Entertainment & Sports Complex (ESC) in Downtown Sacramento. One of the main challenges to the project was the need to identify the existing and planned trip distribution of attendees to the arena events. The standard approach would have been to use season ticket-holder addresses and traffic counts.   However, season ticket holder addresses just reflect where tickets were mailed to, not the trip origin.

Therefore, Fehr & Peers collected cell phone data from AirSage, which provided information about trip patterns occurring within the Sacramento region. This data was able to provide a much larger sample of trip origin and destination information related to the census block group the existing Sleep Train Arena was located in for approximate dates when Kings games occurred and for approximate arrival and departure time periods.   The origin and destination assumptions were then applied to the project trips represented in the regional travel model to develop traffic forecasts.

This innovative approach allowed Fehr & Peers to compare VMT for a sold-out Kings Game at the ESC and at Sleep Train Arena.  The analysis proved critical in determining the project’s compliance with Senate Bill (SB) 743 which, among other objectives, provides additional legal defensibility against injunctions that could otherwise halt arena construction.

kings figure