We are proud to announce a new partnership with INRIX, one of the fastest growing traffic information and big data analytics companies in the world, to further enhance Fehr & Peers’ ASAP initiative: a cutting-edge initiative that harnesses Big Data for better transportation planning and engineering decisions.

Big Data is changing the landscape of transportation planning – the days of sending an intern to manually and subjectively gather traffic data will soon be over.  Many transportation consultants have not responded to this change, but Fehr & Peers has created the ASAP initiative to lead the adoption of Big Data in the transportation planning industry.  ASAP consists of three strategies: a suite of proprietary tools that analyze Big Data, partnerships with other leaders in Big Data, and Fehr & Peers’ own investment into continued research and development.

Through its partnership with INRIX, Fehr & Peers will leverage the company’s vast traffic data archive using the INRIX Analytics tool to provide customers with accurate assessments of system performance such as travel time, travel speeds, and bottleneck locations required for comprehensive infrastructure planning studies. INRIX Analytics will be utilized by expert planners and engineers at Fehr & Peers to help customers analyze, model, and predict traffic conditions more effectively, and at a lower cost than ever before.  It gives us unique access to weeks, months, and even years of data.  That enhanced understanding of variables will enable Fehr & Peers’ public agency and private-sector clients to be more confident in making transportation decisions that are in the best interests of their communities.

“Big data is transforming the way we plan, design, and construct our communities.  We are pleased to partner with other leaders like INRIX to continue in our quest to bring the most innovative and creative transportation solutions to our clients and to make a difference in our communities,” said CEO Matt Henry.

“Through collaboration with accomplished companies like Fehr & Peers, we look forward to extending the benefits of INRIX Analytics to transportation agencies of all sizes and budgets,” said Rick Schuman, Vice President of Public Sector, INRIX.