Better Data

More data is available than ever before, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all data has value for transportation planning purposes.  In fact, much of it does not, and some can even be counter-productive to sound decision-making.  Our clients benefit from the vast knowledge we have gained in ensuring that the data being used is accurate and appropriate for the intended use. One of the key ways we accomplish this is by developing and maintaining strong partnerships with the myriad of other entities that play key roles such as data providers, software developers, academic institutions, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and technology companies. We feel strongly that on-going collaboration with these groups is vital to our ability to bring the most innovative ideas and solutions to our clients.

Partial listing of the organizations with which we have developed working relationships:

Each organization has valuable information to offer, but not without the need for a continual learning process to test and examine the data. Fehr & Peers partners with these organizations and our clients to test each Big Data source on real-world projects. Our process ensures that we can learn from any application issues through a controlled environment where risks are managed, while also generating knowledge and insight that can help us (and our data partners) learn how to better mold and apply new data sources for today’s most challenging transportation problems.