Better Metrics

Key legislation such as MAP 21, FAST, and Senate Bill 743 in California, are re-shaping policy and catalyzing change in the way we measure travel behavior. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience in developing quick-response analytical tools that enable us to accurately compute and apply these metrics in their communities.

The tools are robust enough to provide reliable answers to transportation planning questions, but require only a fraction of the time and expense needed to apply traditional modeling techniques.

Whether your challenge is to:

  • Set up an effective Travel Demand Model
  • Make decisions about transit station location and amenities
  • Layout a new development project to minimize vehicle usage and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Change your agency’s transportation policies to support multimodal Complete Streets principles

We can help you better understand your options and zero in on an effective solution.


See firsthand how we leverage Big Data to build tools that improve your transportation decisions and provide you with better metrics: